11:31 pm - Monday April 23, 2018

PIA pre-Hajj flights depart on schedule

Ten PIA Pre-Hajj flights carrying a total of 3,648 intending pilgrims departed on time from Quetta, Peshawar, Islamabad, Karachi and Lahore during September 30 to October 1,

2011. This year, PIA will carry approximately 109,000 intending pilgrims on 305 Pre-Hajj flights to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia from Pakistan. The Pre-Hajj operation will continue till October 31, 2011. While the Pre-Hajj flights that are due to depart after 16:00 hours on October 1 include PK1903 from Quetta at

1830 hours,

from Peshawar PK 1603 at 2045 hours and PK 1703 at 2359 hours.


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