11:07 am - Thursday April 24, 2014

KPK's Proposal on Hajj Moratorium Declined

The former Chairman of Nahdlatul Ulama, Hasyim

Muzadi, said Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK)’s proposal for hajj registration moratorium is not rightful, especially if the policy will result in the increase of Hajj Pilgrimage Expenses (ONH). 

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“If the hajj moratorium results in ONH rise, then it should not be done,” Hasyim told VIVAnews, today.

“If KPK sees possible corruption in hajj deposit, then it should conduct an audit, not pushing for moratorium,” said Hasyim.

He believed if the moratorium policy is considered a solution, then it should be proposed by the people or the House of Representatives (DPR) instead of KPK.

KPK earlier

proposed to the Ministry of Religious Affairs to suspend hajj registration moratorium. This proposal is related to the Hajj Pilgrimage Expenses (BPIH) fund inflation. Deputy Head of KPK, Busyro Muqoddas, said the fund has reached Rp38 trillion with Rp1.7 trillion interest.

Busyro said the problem is that KPK’s accounting system couldn’t penetrate the hajj candidates fund management which may result in intransparency.  “Therefore, in order to prevent over inflation, we proposed the moratorium,” he said.

During a House Commission 8’s meeting, Busyro took an example of hajj registration in 2009 which reached 700 thousand candidates. Of the number, the Ministry received an initial deposit of Rp16 trillion.

Until February 2012, the hajj registration has blown up to 1.4 million candidates with an initial deposit of Rp32 trillion. If the Ministry of Religious Affairs continues to open the registration, then the initial deposit will continue to rise even though the hajj candidates’ quota is relatively the same from year to year.


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