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Hajj applications to be received from April

The applications for performing Hajj-2012 would be received

from the first week of April and the cost is likely to increase by 13 percent due to depression in the value of local currency as comparing to dollar and riyal.

According to an official, the draft of Hajj policy would be placed before the cabinet soon for approval.

The expenditures are likely to increase.The main reason of increase in Hajj expenditure is the hike in petroleum prices and rent of buildings, as comparing to previous year, he said.

There will no quota system and the policy of first come first serve will be continued during the incoming Hajj 2012.

He said, as many as 1,79,210 lucky persons would perform Hajj this year.

Half of them would perform Hajj under the government scheme while the rest under private scheme.The intending pilgrims have been divided into Green, Blue and White categories.

The intending pilgrims, who pay 7,500 riyals, would be provided residential facilities within 900 meters of Haram Sharif.

They would be placed in the Blue category.

The Green category pilgrims would be provided residence facilities from 900 to 2,000 meters (from Haram Sharif) in 5,000 riyals.White category pilgrims would be provided residences from over 2,000 meters from Haram Sharif in 3,600 riyals.

Responding to a question he said the

quota of parliamentarians and others for sending choicest persons to Hajj would not be restored.

Machine readable passport, Computerised National Identity Cards has been declared mandatory this year also.


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